Wish You Were Here in Sweden!

Last week, my sister and I completed our second Skills Builder activity for the British Girlguiding Overseas!

The activity was called Wish You Were Here. And, it was part of the topic called, Explore.

To complete the activity, our first task was to decide on a country. We chose Sweden.

The second task was to figure out what websites that we would use to find out more information about Sweden. We chose Lonely Planet.

We found that planning for a trip to Sweden was pretty simple because everything that you need to know is available on the Internet.

For example, we  discovered that you would call 112 in an emergency. It is just like the United Kingdom. You would call this number if you were lost and couldn't find your parents.

Another example is the phone number for the British Embassy Stockholm. Their number is listed on the Lonely Planet website. If you ever have problems with the Swedish police, you can ask for help from the embassy.

Of course, there's a lot of other information information available beside just numbers. You can find out that insurance is highly recommended. Or, you can learn some catch phrases like thank you (tak) and hi (hey). These words are good to know, even though most Swedes speak English.

After learning about Sweden, we hope that we can visit someday! Sweden looks like a really beautiful country. And, there seem to be a lot of interesting things to do there.