Skills Builder: Uncover and Discover

Today, my sister and I completed my first Skills Builder activity for the British Girlguiding Overseas!

The activity was called, Uncover and Discover. And, it was part of the topic called Explore.

The first task was to decide where we would visit and what we wanted to find out about that place.

Since we are interested in humanitarian mapping, we decided to participate in a mapathon to protect girls in rural Kenya.

Before the mapathon, we discussed the kind of imagery we would be using. We learned that it was not real-time imagery. So, we were traveling back in time.

The second task was to develop a code of ethics for our mapping.

We decided on the following mapping guidelines:

  • We would only input data with adult supervision
  • We would never intentionally input false data
  • We would never input data that was based solely on a guess
  • We would never mark something done until it was finished
  • We would not open multiple tasks at once

We also decided on the following behavioral guidelines:

  • We would listen to adults
  • We would let everyone have an opinion
  • We would not argue with one another
  • We would not talk over other people

The third task was to determine how we would record our findings. This included what tools we would use.

With our parents, we discussed how we would record them in an application called OpenStreetMap.

We also discussed how we would record individual pieces of information as points, lines, and areas.

The fourth task was to participate in the mapathon. That was a lot of fun.

At the mapathon, we made over 80 contributions.

The final task was to share our experiences with others.

We did that when we published our data. And, when we shared our experiences on this blog.

Looking back at the mapathon, I really enjoyed learning about how much humanitarian mapping can impact other people. And, about how many different mapping techniques exist.

Usually, this Skills Builder Activity is done in-person. We took a different approach.  We completed this activity virtually on my computer. I find that really cool. And, I hope other girls will try it too!