My Route Out the Best Bits

Today, I completed the first task for my Navigator Interest Badge.

I used Google Earth to make two walking tours around The Johns Hopkins University SAIS.

The first walking tour was of my favorite tourist sites. The second walking tour was of my favorite restaurants.

To make my walking tours, I first completed the following tasks:

  • I searched for a set of points of interest by name in Google Earth;
  • Once I found these points of interest by name, I added custom points in Google Earth for these places;
  • Once I created these custom points of interest in Google Earth, I added names, descriptions, and pictures for those places in their Properties.

Next, I created a walking path by completing the following tasks:

  • I decided on the order of the points of interest on my walking tour;
  • Once I had the order of the points of interest, I started to make walking paths between these points of interest by right clicking on the first point of interest and selecting “Direction from here” and then then right clicking on the second point of interest and selecting “Direction to here;”
  • Once I created all of the walking paths, I had to copy them into My Places;
  • After I copied all of the walking paths into My Places, I had to turn off all of the features for each of the walking paths except one of the routes.

Then, I created a picture of my walking paths by completing the following tasks:

  • I captured screenshot of my walking tours with the “Print Screen” button;
  • After I used Print Screen, I pasted the screenshots into Paint and then I cropped each of the images so that only the walking tour was shown;
  • After I cropped the screenshots, I saved the photos as JPEGs.

Please find my walking paths below.

Ari's Tourist Map

The first one includes Dupont Circle, Farragut Square, Jackson’s Statue, White House, and the National Geographic Museum.

Ari's Restaurant Guide

The second includes Starbucks, PAUL, and Frozenyo. These are my favorite places to go around SAIS.

I really like using Google Earth to make walking tours because it allows me to show the world the places that I like to visit!