My No Apps, Just Maps

Yesterday, I completed the third task for my Navigator Interest Badge.

I found out that the more that people use GPS, the more self-sufficient they become.

This is good thing because then you don’t have to talk to strangers to find out where you are going. It is also a bad thing because people become less friendly.

It was fun not to use apps because I talked to more people. And, these people were very nice. They were actually happy that I talked to them.

By not using apps, I learned more about the places along the way than if I would have used Google Maps. However, I found out that Google Maps is more efficient when you want to get somewhere fast.

After learning about no apps, just maps, I think that it’s important to use Google Maps when you are in a rush. But, it’s also important to take a moment to stop and talk to people along the way. You might just make a friend.