My First Mapathon

Today, I attended my first mapathon!

The mapathon was in support of a volunteer mapping project that helps to protect girls in rural parts of East Africa.

I attended this mapathon with my entire family.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with other mappers who are also interested in humanitarian mapping.

The mappers from Missing Maps, YouthMappers, and the American Red Cross were very nice and helpful.

They taught us a lot of new shortcuts on how to use OpenStreetMap, HOT Tasking Manager, and MapSwipe.

Under the supervision of my parents, I made 63 contributions to the project. My sister made another 20.

The best thing about the mapathon was being able to complete the Uncover and Discover Skills Builder Activity for the British Girlguiding Overseas.

I want to thank Rachel Levine for inviting me to attend the event. Fiona Howells for supporting my girl guiding activities. And, Colony Club for hosting us.