My First Blog Post

Yesterday, I used Mapswipe for the first time!

When you use Mapswipe, you are asked whether there are buildings, roads, paths, and other features in a place of your choice.

I like Mapswipe because it is pretty easy. All you have to do is tap once for yes, twice for maybe, and three times for bad imagery.

One thing to know about Mapswipe is that kids my age cannot use it alone. They have to have an adult by their side.

At my mapathon, I used Mapswipe with one of the YouthMappers from George Washington University.

For kids my age, it is fun to use Mapswipe because it is easier to use than OpenStreetMap.

Mapswipe helped me complete a Skills Builder Activity for the British Girlguiding Overseas.

If you are a girl guide and you want to complete the Uncover and Discover Activity, then I recommend using Mapswipe.

Mapswipe is not only fun to use. It also teaches you how to map. And, this can help you to become a mapper in the future.