My Day at Esri

Yesterday, I spent the day at Esri with my sister.

We were given the opportunity to shadow Deepti Kochhar. She is a Technical Advisor at Esri Regional Services in Washington, DC.

Our day started with a tour of her office. We got to meet other experts on geospatial technologies. And, we got to see how they use ArcGIS.

After the tour, we got to attend a meeting about an upcoming project. Then, we talked about how Ms. Kochhar’s team needed to update the data.

When we finished with the meeting, Ms. Kochhar showed us how to register an account on ArcGIS. Then, we used ArcGIS to see where hurricanes and typhoons occur in the world. This was interesting because it helped us to understand how the risk of hurricanes and typhoons changes depending on where people live in the world.

At the end of the day, Ms. Kochhar showed us how to make a story using Esri Story Maps. Then, we started a rough draft of a story about flooding. It was really cool to see how you can use maps to make your stories more interesting.

I really enjoyed my day at Esri! If more girls had the opportunity to shadow the women that they want to be when they are older, then more girls will achieve their dreams and be successful in life. That’s why programs like the Girl GuidesGirl Scouts, and #GirlsTakeover matter.