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Our Approach

We believe that girls can map too! Our goal is to provide them with the resources to do it ...

Our Story

Kana completed her Bronze Award Project on humanitarian mapping. In the process, she discovered that there are a lot of things that make it difficult for girls to become humanitarian mappers. So, she set out to change that ...

Meet the Team

Image Credit: Walsh Family Copyright 2018

Kana Walsh

Chief Kid Officer

Kana Walsh is a passionate advocate of children's rights. She is especially interested in the topics of gender equality, school bullying and STEM education. In the classroom, Kana's favorite subjects are geography, math and art. When she grows up, she hopes to pursue a career in architecture.

Image Credit: Walsh Family Copyright 2018

Eddie Walsh

Chief Parent Officer

Eddie Walsh is a a strong believer in the power of girls to do remarkable things. Prior to becoming a father, he spent many years working in the tech industry. He hopes to leverage his expertise to help girls realize their full potential within the humanitarian mapping community.

Next Steps...

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